Christmas and New Year blow out sale.

Fast Brass + 50 Gen-3 on sale for $1,300.00

Spend those hours on the range… Not preparing your brass!!!

  • Fast Brass + 50 – Gen 3
    Our brass processing machine can do all pistol calibers from the 380 auto and up, all calibers of rifle brass and even the 50 cal, BMG. All in one machine.
  • 120 volt AC motor that turns all cutting heads and all of the 5 work stations at 234 RPM.
  • Cuts down the time it takes to produce top quality precision brass.
  • Trims to case length. On the book specifications each and every time.
  • Deburrs inside and out.
  • Chamfers primer pocket.
  • Uniforms primer pocket.
  • Uniforms flash hole on the inside.
  • Brush cleans the neck.
  • Plus neck sizes (all calibers including the 50 Cal. BMG.)
  • Our machine will accept most all processing tools sold by other manufacturers.
  • You can change set up to different calibers in under 5 minutes.
  • New upgrades include:
    Bigger motor means more torque and more RPM.
    Electroless nickel plating on all gears and shafts means none corrosion, smoother and quieter operation.
    Self oiling application on the brass holder slide rods.
  • Made in the USA.
Bert Dobbins

Bert Dobbins
Creator of the Fast Brass + 50

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